Interior scaffolding for access to confined and difficult spaces

We provide interior scaffolding design, consulting and installation services for internal use in difficult-to-access areas. See some examples of our work.

Safe working at heights with mobile towers

While mobile access towers are widely used and can provide an effective and safe means of gaining access to work at height, inappropriate erection and misuse of towers cause numerous accidents each year. Towers are light and can easily overturn if used incorrectly; they rely on all parts being in place to ensure adequate strength; and they can collapse if sections are left out.

The HSE advises that before selecting or specifying a tower, you should be satisfied that it is the most suitable item of equipment for the job.

Interior scaffold design, consulting and installation

As specialists in lightweight aluminium tower systems we can create elegant solutions that allow rapid access to confined and awkwardly-shaped spaces. Our teams are all PASMA-certified operatives, ensuring your system is designed to conform with the Working at Height Regulations 2005.

We work directly with private customers and provide contract services for construction firms large and small, with competitive rates and quality assured work. Find out more about our clients.

Interior scaffolding for confined spaces

Interior scaffolding for confined spaces by Harwood Access and Training Solutions

Tower types and how they are used


Bridged towersTowers can be linked using alloy beams to provide safe access and can be used for problem areas directly above machinery/conveyors or other obstructions.


Linked towersTowers can be linked to span large areas, such as swimming pools, so that safe access is provided to the ceiling area.


Stairwell towersTower equipment can be erected on staircases both internally and externally to provide safe access at height.


PASMA tower scaffold training

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